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Classic Antarctica (Silver Cloud)

Duration: 11 days
Price from: $12600 USD
Ship: Silver Cloud
Overview: Traversing Drake’s eponymous passage is a must for any explorer. With diverse seabirds attracted to the area, have your binoculars and cameras ready and as you sail closer to the Antarctic Peninsula, look for seals basking on ice floes, Macaroni penguin, and the prodigious Orca whale. Begin and end your expedition at the “world’s end”, ... more ▸

Exploring The White Continent (NG Explorer)

Duration: 12 days
Price from: $18350 AUD
Overview: Active, immersive expedition travel Exploring Antarctica in an authentic expedition style, aboard an authentic expedition ship is an incomparable experience, and your guarantee of an in-depth encounter with all its wonders. Our pioneering polar heritage and 40+ years of experience navigating polar geographies is your assurance of safe passage in one of the wildest sectors ... more ▸

Antarctica Explorers & Kings (Ocean Adventurer)

Duration: 20 days
Price from: $21900 AUD
Overview: This extended expedition encompasses the wildlife paradise of South Georgia, the remote Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), as well as the extraordinary beauty of the Antarctic Peninsula. You’ll experience a great diversity of environments and landscapes, which will provide unprecedented wildlife viewing opportunities. Join us for the quintessential Antarctic experience for polar travelers! more ▸

Vikings, Castles & Fascinating Fjords

Duration: 11 days
Price from: €5095 EUR
Ship: Sea Cloud II
Overview: Edinburgh – capital of tradition From the narrow cobbled streets of the medival Old Town to the generous airy layout of the Gregorian New Town, in Edinburgh you literally walk through the ages. Take bagpipe traditions, spooky stories or pub culture – ancient customs are kept alive in Scotland’s capital. The many facets of the ... more ▸

Galápagos — 10 Days South & East Islands (Monserrat)

Duration: 10 days
Price from: $5959 NZD
Ship: Monserrat
Overview: If an authentic tropical landscape figures big in your travel dreams, get yourself on down to the Galápagos, stat. Want to keep an eye out for native wildlife like sea lions, land iguanas, and giant tortoises? The Galápagos has ‘em by the dozen. Looking to recharge on beautiful white-sand beaches? There's plenty of those, too. ... more ▸